LU-Serenity-Esports-Thüringer-Land v 1.0-BETA

– The map has been played and tested exclusively in multiplayer
– Yard decorated with cow, sheep and chicken areas
– Outside bearing
– Field purchase on the management of the village
– Various outlets such as garden centers, sugar mill, flour mill BGA
– Fields are sown and harvested Ready partly what gives you a little capital to buy
– The Hecktargröße of fields ranging from 0.5 to 6 ha.
– All field data were read and used by us on the PDA as well as the prices were determined using the prevailing prices here from Real Life
– Wither is active!
– Cows can get stuck in the trough (but is no longer in the last test occurred)
– Sheep also (troubleshooting work)
– Point of sale for wool is enhanced because the trigger is not sitting quite right.
– Vehicle still enter XML

Planned changes:
– Decoration
– A train travels through behind the corn mill
– Possibly better attachment of sowing and fertilizer on the farm
– Possibly austaus the garden center with newer version of slurry and manure adoption
– A pig farm

Authors: LUS Chronos, LUS Spritzer, LUS Manfred


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