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– Standard Fruit
– Growth time original
– Edge grass all fields
– All fields already fertilized
– A total of 11 fields, of which 4 are already ready to harvest in farmer owned
– Agricultural machinery dealers with opening times (from 07:00 – 20:00 clock opened)
– All the trees without Colli to allow helpers and Course gives users a better gameplay
– FoliageLayer and 2D trees built as a stopgap
– Many objects without Colli
– A major portion of the road edge is mähbar
– Size of the fields between about 0.6 and 3.5 ha
– 2 medium sized lawns
– 2 points of sale
– Agricultural machinery dealers
– 1 yard of total livestock (cows, sheep, chickens)
– Installed 2 small neighboring farms as decoration (involved in the transport missions)
– Transport and Mähmissionen adapted to the Map
– All transport emissions at the start or at the free Farnshop country trade
– Road Construction Kit
– Outsourced manure intermediate storage
– 2 field dunghill centrally for 3 to 4 fields
– Traffic adapted, adjusted milk truck
– Ampelkit was installed at 3 intersections
– Camping with a lake and a small waterfall
– Cow Water Mod
– Map Silo Band
– Space for Placeables at court
– Straw power plant
– Installed ground textures
– Almost all fruit textures (except corn) renewed
– BGA has 2 silos 600m ³


Urmap LS11: prosperity child
LS11 Edit: Bandit
And LS13 Edit: Bandit
RoadConstructionPackV3: Fatian
Country Trade: PaPa
cowWaterMod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Lights: Model, Coronas and texture: BigM; Script: bluebaby210
Straw power plant (formerly placeable): BigM, bluebaby210
Water tank / tower: fin050808
Models from test objects pack manure pit / high as Börndi
Soil Texture: Tessmann85
Fruit some textures:partly from LS11 Edit: Bandit


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