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Table of contents:
1: Introduction
2: Story
3: Integrated Mods
4: Technical data
5: Additional download files, list boxes, savegames and Tutorials
6: Contains additional versions
7: Known Bugs
8: Recommended Mods
9: WIP Project Thread, Your feedback and Fehlermelungen

1: Introduction:
– Another ending story After about a year of construction and several hundred hours that have sunk into the project, you now have rich with joy the first beta version MIG Map MadeinGermany Celle region. More than 700 hectares of agricultural land spread over 120 fields are available for purchase.

2: Story:
– Unfortunately Bauer Hansen died and now the court is his middle machines and 20 fields for “sale”. You gain a yard when the game starts, separate Corn Exchange and manure storage.
– The goal is to pay the loan back and buy all the fields on the map. The total investment is expected at the end are new machines with more than 35 million euros.
– A description of how you can use the map at the start farming on sinnvolsten finds her under item 5: Tuturials Tried the map performant as possible. Therefore there are no collisions.
– The Mapobjekte etc. Can you gladly cannibalize and use as long as you do not forget the credits.

3: Integrated Mods:
– Fuchs Cistern, also suitable for water
– Wassermod for cows
– Waterworks, you can pick up water
– Manure interim storage, the trigger can be loaded and unloaded

4: Technical data:
– Construction LS11 +13 over 500 hours (see W.I.P)
– 1600 hectares of arable land total area ~ 700 HECTARE
– Size: ~ 70MB + 30MB Mods
– I3D: 39MB (639,532 lines)
– Vram: According to editor: ~ 320MB

5: Additional download files, list boxes, savegames and Tutorials:
– Here is a list box with price and acres in Office format (attached)
– Here is current savegame with liquid levels for beta testing

6: The plan for the next versions:
– Village 2 and Village 3 expand with real farms and houses
– All” textures can still be changed, etc. of objects and fruits
– Real buildings and entire villages
– Economic cycle
– New beet factory
– Delineators
– Signage
– More 3D trees, hedges. Details just for Panorama
– Purchasable BGA, manure storage
– Signs to expand
– Chicken coop
– Sheep
– Reliable large apiary in village 4
– Nursery
– Other types of fruit
– wood Forst Mod
– Fuch Güllefass make washable and make WaterCowMod compatible

7: Well known, and optical errors:
– It leaves no milk truck
– Straw bales can sprinkle badly
– Dummie building quickly replace
– All roads and paths control the Grass
– Not compatible with the MODS and AnimalHUD Inspector causes severe error
– HUD icons are displayed incorrectly in the PDA
– Logfehler purchasable Some fields are not known to make trouble, please tell where the field number.

8: Recommended Mods:
– Auto Steer, see ModHub (better cornering)
– Mapviewer (attached)
– Course Play

9: WIP Project Thread, Your feedback and Fehlermelungen:
– Here are the complete ending story
– The logbook entry “error collection” you can write in what strikes also. Please do not discuss this issue in the comments area

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Skydancer, Maurus


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