Two Map version:
– With rotting
– Without rotting

– Fixed markers on the farm
– Widened and rotated pastures Goals
– Added ramp for loading manure to the cow pasture
– Cow, cow pasture WaterMod fixed (CowWaterMod remove from the mod’s folder)
– Farmgate removed because there were problems with the trigger as soon as there was a vehicle parked at the shelter
– Trigger tank replaced, refuel now possible with tank trailer
– Partially replaced Water Plan
– Reworked milk truck
– Rigbody’s partially reworked
– Lining shed some increases for large vehicles
– MP lights away
– Added SP lights
– Extended Start Vehicles
– Angepast field 30
– Field added 31 purchasable meadow
– Added additional Straw conveyor belt at the feed store
– Field swapped textures
– Added distance mountains
– Added New swamp Grains
– Factory installed Trigger City

Authors: Giants, [FSM]Chefkoch, [FSM]Atabogo, Ni-Modding, FrankWienberg[GER], KundS Modding, Tessman85, ZeFir_POLAND, Bluebaby, Fatian, GE-Mapping, Marhu, Patii, Bernie scs/OGF, Ekkehard, grafik-edv, Thuruk, thecsfun, frisco0177, Devilkw, Feros, haselhorst, Blackburner, buchhauer, mailman


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