Hagenstedt Green lands V4 is an update from version 2 of the default map

– The map has got pigs on farm and the cows and sheep are now in the center of the land thus includes a most impressive twin bridges and a castle wall
– Loads of places sell for your crops and can now sell your silage and chaff. there is a brewery and train station
– If you can find the train station it will buy mostly everything and there’s an extra-wide overbridge for your next combine to mill to get to the top fields
– The bga area has now got bigger fields and the freight yard got up to farm raised height
– The Cows and pigs manure has now got conveyor belts Which makes life easy
– The withering has been turned off and the field of view has been extended from 80 to 180 so it looks a lot better
– There are Thousands of 3D and 2D trees in this map

Authors: pinguar, marhu, Sandgroper, Lecra


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