The Pack consist of:
– Manure spreader: 50.000L loading capacity
– Manure spreader: 50.000L loading capacity for manure spreading or sell
– Tipping: 50.000L loading capacity for wheat, barley, corn, canola, Sugar beet, potatoes, manure, silage, grass, chaff
– Fertilizer spreader: 50.000L loading capacity
– Water tank: Fill crankcase to 50.000L loading capacity of cattle watering at the cow and sheep grazing well as the pig or for that transport of milk
– A loading platform for that transport of vehicles
– Cat345B with Maussteuerrung
– Cat980H Wheel loader with articulated steering
– Cat980H wheel loader with four wheel steering
– Cat Actros
– Kroger Agroliner SRB35 A
– Kroger Agroliner SRB35 B
– Siga Duo Dolly in Cat design
– Cat Flatbed
– Telehandler original
– Cat Kenworth Truck

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