1: Introduction
The project provides Beast Pack it now almost 2 years, has the restive pack developed and improved. So it is going to continue, unfortunately, not quite to the standard of LS11 accordingly, but it will come.
Also, this project will extend over more versions. But here. First start with a new BigX chopper as a basic model and a new pickup The scripts will be converted one by one. So give it some time and I think soon the ultimate beast rolled over the field
I will use for the duration of the project for other versions of this ad, so beautiful “Watch” button so that you will stand on the neuensten. Under section 10 I will list the other updates.
So up to this point first thank you all for the feedback and the people who helped with the project have to ralisieren.

2: Content Pack
– Crown BigX 1100 Beast
– Crown ÃœLW 3 axle dolly prototype
– Crown Easy Flow pickup
– Krone EasyCollect Maisgebiss
– Crown XDisc cutter for grass and cereal
– Noname header trailer

3: Specifications
– Size 22.83MB
– Vram BigX1100 19.1MB / ÃœLW Dolly 3.9MB / 9.5MB Pickup

4: Functions & keyboards
– Lighting work light button KP_4 & KP_6
– Indoor Sound
– Power detention PTO
– Hectare meters
– Odometer Odometer
– Idle throttle limiter button KEY_comma & KEY_period
– Wheel button KEY_lctrl
– ÃœLW trailer lift axle button and rotating KEY_v bunker key KEY_x
– Laser cutting corn Start Assist (idela with dynamic fields (see MIG Map) button KEY_5
– On Screen Display Duals key KEY_7
– On Screen Display key chains BigX KEY_6
– Einblendbares rear weight BigX key KEY_KP_divide
– Green Star Start Assist cabin
– Steer car steering wheel lock key KEY_u & MOUSE_BUTTON_X2

5: WIP thread and error collection
Here you can find all information about the project
Please post here and all defects and faults

6: Error Beakannte
– Helper can stand on the headland 2-3 plants
– Texture BigX needs to be revised
– Pickup collides optically activated with the chains when
– Helper shreds new track without waiting turned to bunker
– Indoor sound only works if you have devices set to BigX
– So far, only the chopper with helpers get the conversion is later upgraded yet
– Scheme XDisc erroneous position

7: For the future
– New texture BigX
– Washable
– Pickup Adapter for more distance from the chains
– New XDisc and header trailer
– IC and Camera
– Purchasable chains
– Purchasable Duals

Author: Bullgore


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