Nederland-2 Nederland-1 Nederland-3

– Bottom grass texture
– Soil texture
– Stable Pigs on the farm with function
– Garden Centre where you can sell the manure and grass
– Milk to catch up on the farm and road transfer to the milk factory
– New BGA installation
– Pigs sell at factory
– Load manure by the stable
– Watering the cows and sheep
– PDA map is numbered
– Dutch Farm
– Camp where you can mow the lawn and the grass hope can deposit
– Milk factory Campina
– Factory where you can sell the wool and crops
– Shop with launch vehicles are ready
– Cows, Shelves, Chicken eggs you can sell at the point of sale
– There is a train ride
– Balloon
– Village
– Large storage

Authors: Mike, Giants, Fatian, NI Modding, Marhu, Deere6800, Bergi2001


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