Gamsting v 2.0

Gamsting v 2.0 1 460x228 Gamsting v 2.0 Gamsting v 2.0 2 460x226 Gamsting v 2.0 Gamsting v 2.0 3 460x227 Gamsting v 2.0

New in 2.0 version:
– The collision was removed on all field, fences and plants
– Error in field 13 fixed
– Floating objects were lowered
– Chopped Straw Mod was added
– Water Mod has been added for cows, sheep and chickens
– Cows in the barn no longer freeze
– Vehicles can be reset on the farm
– Hens can now place a lot more eggs
– Maize plants were removed
– Wood chip consumption has changed
– Tyre were adjusted in the cowshed
– Passage for cows was created in the cowshed
– Super Silo Trigger was enlarged
– Yellow areas in the map overview in the menu were removed today
– Seed you can now get at the court
– Many small changes

Author: Stefan_LS


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