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– Keilsilo built in 2 pcs BGA, will be revised, Silo slide not yet possible way
– A pair of 3D trees placed in the BGA
– Terrain and bugfix
– Adapted fence height
– Built more buildings in the village
– More Dummiehäuser against right exchanged in the village
– Diesel fuel dispenser BGA
– Manure storage Lua tightly integrated, you need no additional more
– Beet Factory, you can now also sell beet
– Manure and slurry treatment plant sale trigger repaired (Buy would also be good, but do not know a trigger)
– Manure storage Lua fixed, one could predict infinitely pure tilt despite limit
– Periods of growth increased to grwoState: 720000000 which is about one game per week stage
– Revised street skating Green, probably not as eye-catching, now
– Some purchase trigger for fields revised again please tell with field number fields which are completely machined from v0.75 to
– Almost all lanes revised, before you could almost make a tractor in a lane, should look a little more comfortable, also took hours ….
– Revised item 8 and item 12 on grass here in the description

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Skydancer, Maurus


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