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– Feed Complex for easy dumping, loading and is Course Play friendly. This uses the triggers from the Food Storage
– Central BGA for high volume and efficient processing
– Bale and Feed complex fruits sell point at the Garden centre
– Cow stall building is from the briliant map OGF FSM AUSTRALIA MAP
– Water Mod now you can use the original water trail to deliver water (only cows, sheep and pigs need water)
– To create the Grain Mill Complex
– The Pig Mod and Pigs for sale are installed
– PDA fix script is installed
– New grass from the Textures Pack wheat barley maize rape grass
– Wither is turned off
– There are no errors in the log file
– The milk truck takes care of milk collection

Authors: GHOST78, fh1998, dajoun Tunisia, BernieSCS, Marhu, Trekkerbodo, Aerocool1, Bergi2001, LwFarming


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