– Fully animated cab (levers, buttons, indicators and pedals)
– Vario functioning board computer
– In-/Outdoorsound reacts to door and window opening
– Adjustable indoor camera
– Real Cam installed. Camera adjusts to the angle of the Mods
– Purchasable second set tires on aluminum pallet (washable)
– Purchasable Cargo 5×90 with 1 bucket, 1 bale fork
– Purchasable wheel weights in matching color (on pallets) – Comes in V 2.0
– Purchasable oil tank (on pallets) – Comes in V2.0
– Purchasable AddBlue tank (on pallets) – Comes in V 2.0
– Washable
– Helper mode
– Attached devices can be raised and lowered by IC control
– 4×4 wheel (now MP ready)
– Manual handling gas
– Dynamic exhaust smoke
– DLBA (air brakes) – with a functioning parking brake (does not move, who activated)
– Tire dust
– Bunker silo compaction
– Original Sound 724er
– Hydraulic lift front / rear accessible from outside via external IC Control
– Plow mod

Fixes for Fendt Vario 724 SCR ProfiPlus:
– Cab suspension extended
– Performance adjusted
– New rear lift (lifts from above)
– Diesel consumption adjusted
– Some Luas adjusted
– Loader tools now washable
– Indoor Cam – Settings are now saved

Authors: AGO SystemTech T.I.F, Devilkw T.I.F, JD7530 T.I.F, skydancer, meyer123, fin050808 M.T.W, Knechti M.T.W, modelleicher, Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Templaer, Tobias F, Sven777b, JoXXer, Knagsted, zartask


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