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– Grass texture
– Pebbles texture
– Conveyor belt for the cow dung
– Cows no longer freeze the feed trough
– Milk and charging station for sale
– The Kuhsilos green silage trailer with tire cover
– For all silos can now unload and selieren also normal grass
– Made slightly hilly fields
– New crops (sunflower, spelled, millet, rye, oats) inserted
– Due to changes in the landscape and multi-fruit, the PDA has been revised
– New sty with pigs
– New Stable, UV old had errors
– Outdoor stock increased and the crop varieties adapted (unloading signposted)
– Bale to Manure
– Clip Distance reduced
– WaterMod inserted
– In the greenhouses increased the yield from 50 to 250 euros, as well as the capacity for water and manure
– Pro railway only one train
– A chaff (chaff) silo storage was built.
– The WaterMod is at the cows in the pasture with a small stable.
– Drive through halls placed.
– Built warehouse for straw and hay bales
– Bridge the Court was widened


Bull stable by Mario
Food storage by Ganelcer
Chicken coop by Ganelcer
Greenhouse by agrorepa
Hall sets by ni_modding
Lights by Bluebaby210
Industrial plant by LWS Terminator
Stone wall by majo84
Conveyors by Marhu
Info by trigger [FSM] Webby
Bale To Manure by Rafftnix
WaterMod by Marhu


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