This is the Fendt Vario 936 skin pack consisting of a Fendt Vario 936 beatuy Black, Red Wine and the classic green skin

– New front and rear hydraulics, compared to the LS 09 model
– New tires
– Multiplayer capability
– Lighting v 3.1.2
– ES Limiter and hour meter, compatible with the ES Limiter is simply placed in the modfolder because it’s the same lua
– Handbrake is solved with spacebar or tightened
– Rear view camera, is presented if the executor is selected, with NUMPAD 9 on or off
– Green Star and show yourselves to the level of your trailer, drill, etc. right inside.
– Washable
– Dynamic exhaust smoke
– Tire dust on the field and the dirt roads
– Working lights front and rear
– Lights inside for: forward and reverse, turn signals, headlights and work lights.
– Realespiegel ein-/ausblendbar
– Front Loader (FH) foldable, it is collapsed
– Front Trailer attacher Joint for easy park the trailer into the dugout
– RUL’s folding
– All-wheel with the “M” key, executors must be selected for
– New schemes were abegstimmt on each skin

Authors: GIANTS Software GmbH, Markkus, TheFendtVDriver, Ifko[nator], LordTEX


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