– Selectable driver: You can switch between a sharp Jungbäurinn od a cool Jungbauer
– Selectable tires: You have the choice between standard and balloon tires and steel-or chrome rims
– Loader: In the packet there is a front loader Sigma4 of Ago-Systemtechnik (tilting in curves with front loader has been fixed), also, the fork can be changed by pressing a key between pallet and bale fork
– Tire weights: the need to obtain more traction without the use of coupling systems specially made tire weights were installed
– Improved Exhaust: The optimized exhaust system of the X720 Special works with rich 340HP and additional acceleration
– Performance: The Urmodder also has the handling Optimized control so that the tractor can be enjoyable

Authors: 71biTi, ago-systemtech


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