The farm has been totally rebuilt and Schaaf and cow pasture were newly Placed near the farm.
The Bga is now at the dealer and the village was re-gestalltet. Almost all fields have been changed and designed Courseplay-friendly. The Wool Palette Collector was also installed.
In addition, a pig farm was built near the farm and prepared enough for the construction of greenhouses and breeding stables. Grain can be stored in large silos on the farm. As well as potatoes, sugar beet and grain maize. The animals can then be supplied with water. When the chickens still is a cereal added to the feed trough. Manure and slurry can be sold at the harbor.
In the nursery there is fertilizer and seed. The mill is now located near the village. Pay to the slaughterhouse
Best prices for pigs and the brewery needs wheat and barley to produce the noble drink.
For small hobby farmers there are in the north-east a small farm for the old-timers.
The PDA fix for the feed store and the pig is already installed firmly into the map and thus is not needed again as mod.
The grass around the fields and in the streets is not grubber and not mähbar.

Authors: Deere Power, Marhu


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