– On the map there are chickens, cows, sheep and pigs
– Fields of small to medium size
– Outlets are trading country, mill, sugar, canola plant, logistics GmbH and Garden Center
– Types of fruit: barley, wheat, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots and onions
– Transport and milk truck are traveling
– 4 Start fields, harvest ready, except the potatoes
– Guardrails installed on all corners of the main streets
– Added traffic lights
– Increased shadow quality
– Lighting update on the farm
– Video surveillance for your milk and your wool
– Walk farmhouse with “function” (In the living room you will find the video surveillance technology)
– In the Corn Exchange a movable plane was added fruit
– Fine tuning of the streets, no longer flicker when the road parts
– New field added (4.5 ha)
– Periods of growth and height growth of fruits adapted (growth time 18h)
– Spelled, oats and rye straw can be removed by Map Silo Band from the feed store now
– Wash has been added for your vehicles
– Port and train station were removed
– Added sugar and canola factory
– Logistics GmbH Date
– Dung heap by the pigsty was repaired the particle system
– Custom trigger added info
– PDA map readjusted (due to new sales outlets)
– Wither is disabled

Author: mfg mngrazy


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