Update v 1.3 A
– Errors in the selling prices fixed (you will now no longer the state sucks)
– Traffic lights and harmonize with each other now
– Traffic is now running on all roads (except the road to the BGA)
– Food storage rebuilt – removed compound feed, straw bunkers added, each straw type has its own place now.
– Added new Hofausfahrt in the West
– A place for your placeable building was added (behind the sheep pasture)
– Manure storage on the farm added (behind the feed store), dung level is displayed in the PDA
– Spelled, oat and rye straw can then be tilted in the Alligator (BGA)
– Sound range from chicken coop reduced
– Fixed a small bug PDA map (there was grain mill instead AG since)
– New field added starting with rape
– At the dairy thats a small Flicker Street has been fixed
– Fixed the grain AG, the floating road sign
– In box 7 3 trees floated about 30cm above the floor
– Exchanged oats, millet and rye Distance texture for Saatstufe

Author: mfg mngrazy


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