In Pack includes:
– Claas Lexion 750 TT Combine
– Claas Vario 1050 Cutter
– Claas Vario 900 Cutter
– Claas Conspeed Cutter
– TAM Leguan Quattro Trailer

– Animated wipers
– Animated door, ladder, railings, mirrors, rear lights, steering console
– Animated grain tank, radial distribution
– Animated snail in Korntankpipe
– Animated role in the feeder (feeder) and the radial distribution
– Lightbar installed in a modified form in the Cemos
– Animated steering linkage
– Animated stroke cylinder for inclined conveyor and the radial distribution
– Greenstar function in Lexion
– Greenstar only active when coupled SW
– Autocontour slope compensation (left / right / up / down)
– Lights, animations, engine start and other controllable by IC
– Installed lightung v 3.1.1
– CAM activated by IC
– Indoor / outdoor sound also heard to go on when door
– Free moving river

Authors: meistro, Repi, Alex2009, Kleener_Putzi, hehe93, BM-Modding, Face, BlackJack, funker, Mofa-Killer, Knagsted, Sven777b, Patar, JohnDeere 6920, gotchTOM, Templaer, Sevorane


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