Category: Bale Trailers

HS XtraCap HD 7+4

HS XtraCap HD 7+4 Forage Trailer Capacity: 45000 l Fruits: grass, chaff Authors: Milpol, Manuel Leithner, Burner, sandgroper, Neurotek, SndGrdn, AlbertL, DUFF3R DOWNLOAD 1 MB

DIY Silage Trailer v 1.0

This is a converted Semi Trailer of the company Aguas Tenias. The Trailer was rebuilt with grid assemblies and new tailgate on the transport of silage Authors: Fendtfahrää, Michi, Big Boss Modding DOWNLOAD 12...

Schuitemaker Rapide 125

– Dual purpose: forage wagon and silage trailer in one – Minimal horsepower requirement of 120 hp – Flotation tyres to minimize soil compaction Authors: euroDZN, peterj, sam123 DOWNLOAD 4 MB

Krone Turbo 3500

Krone Turbo 3500 – forage Trailer used to pick up grass and straw Capacity 35000 l Authors: Giants, madabub DOWNLOAD 4 MB