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Mchale 998 v 1.0

New Mchale 998 Bale Wrapper is the best choice ensuring the highest quality of fodder and minimal production costs Authors: urmodder, bigbear DOWNLOAD 5 MB

Square Bales Technic Pack v 2.0

In Pack included: – Krone Big Pack 1290: filling capacity – 2000 l – Arcusin Autostack FS 63-72: bale loading capacity – 18 square bales – Arcusin Autostack FS 53-62: bale loading capacity –...

Mchale 998 & 601 Pack v 1.1

Due to practical design McHale, quality ingredients and precise design, the car began to use McHale 998 is popular among contractors and farmers who require reliable performance in all weather conditions and at any...