zuidwest-friesland-3 zuidwest-friesland-2 zuidwest-friesland-1

– Standard fruit + sugar beet and potatoes
– Dutch windmill
– A gate
– A dairy, where you can sell the milk
– A garden center where you can sell Solid dung and liquid manure
– Three farms:
– 1nd farm – you can store the crops wheat, barley, canola, corn
– 2nd farm – potatoes, sugar beet and corn, there are also two barns
– 3rd farm – of cows and where you can get the milk. A barn with cows but has no function
– Added a piggery
– The piggery has water, Potatoes, Wheat, Single
– In the stable you can take solid manure and use it for land or sell at the garden center

Authors: William10, Klaasw, EJBFarmingBV, Giants, Fatian, Sandgroper, manuel, Big-M-Lord, Chuzonet, NI Modding


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