Breeding Farms

These are three small free floating plant breeding for cows, sheep and chickens.
The systems must with milk, straw Respectively. Eggs are supplied so that children grow animal, which then come up with the other animals and can be sold if necessary.

1.The breeding facility for cows must be fed with milk and loose straw, to deliver simply drive up to the building it is assumed on all sides. New calves produced in dependence on the number and productivity of the cattle.

2.The breeding plant must be supplied with sheep milk, but it may alternatively be tilted loose straw which is then exchanged in milk. New lambs arise depending on the number and productivity of sheep.

3.The incubator must be filled with eggs and requires no further maintenance and has no dependence on the number and productivity of chickens. To lay eggs there which you have to have in your backpack and go to the incubator, they are automatically placed in the closet.


Modell: Kolbenfresser, Marhu
Script: Marhu


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