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– Completely new designed scenery
– Some new 3D objects
– Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, grass
– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
– Sales of eggs in the village
– Sales of wool for merchant
– Traffic, pedestrians, milk truck
– Biogas plant function
– Large country store unloading for potatoes and sugar beets
– Campsite
– A Weser in the southern part of the map
– Large selection of vehicles starting on your farm
– Take out loans for merchant
– Fields added purchase
– Traffic adjusted (No more congestion at intersections)
– Trigger on sale dealer added (20% of machines)
– Reset works vehicles now
– Gas station on dealer missed a function
– Fodder tarp in a sheep-rises now also
– Golf carts are no longer displayed in the Upgrade Cards
– Meadow at the campsite now has an entrance
– Recreated PDA map
– Grass swaths increases
– Barrier at the dealer no longer opens when a car drives before
– Fuel tank with the BGA
– Entrance of the sheep pasture slightly enlarged
– Volume of Hofsilos increased from 300,000 to 600,000
– Portable fuel cars can now be filled at petrol stations

Author: NKB-Modding


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