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– Fleet is NOW sold at the farm
– All 100 horseshoe lying on the farm
– The original golf 4 cards in the parking lot at the dealer
– The point of sale of eggs was transferred from the country store on the farm
– The conveyor belts for potatoes and turnips was disconnected
– The potatoes are to be found between farm and field 14
– The beets were placed between farm and field 16
– Vehicles with multiple trailers can be easily loaded / unloaded
– In addition, two piles of grass were installed
– 1 bunch of grass you find between Hofsilos and field 17
– Grass pile 2 is located near the cow pasture field at 35
– In sections 7, 12, 23 and 40 respectively 1 gas station, seed and fertilizer barrel was placed
– The trigger of all gas stations, seed and fertilizer, as well as barrels of slurry tanks the BGA have been extended
– Add this Map 3 bridges have been added. Bridge can be found between 1 yard and field 26/27! Bridge 2 is after the grain mill downstream from box 24 and box 25. 3 bridge between Sections 7 and 17 as a shortcut from the farm to the restaurant

Author: Niemand


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