– In Baumberg there is next to cows, chickens, sheep and a BGA still a pig
– Pigs they can sell at the slaughterhouse
– For wool spinning, there is a directly run next to the slaughterhouse
– The milk is sold automatically
– There is still a country store in the village and a nursery, located further offside there is a freight yard and a mill
– Straw they can sell in the village in the land and trade on a small time farming

– Schwabisches farmhouse and cowshed
– Handler Hall
– Timbered barn
– Station
– Eifok country trade
– Garden Center
– Prefabricated houses
– Potato / beet Stock
– 500Eier collection
– Multi Terrain
– Open stable Toolkit
– Pig
– Crap interim storage
– Silos
– Hall, House
– Food storage
– Grain storage
– Slaughterhouse
– BGA silos

Authors: KundS Modding, freak 36558, Modelleicher, Aerocool1, cyber11, BauerBernd, heli007, cosmin123, OutBase52, Ls-UK, LS-Landtechnik, ni_modding, Marhu, martinbigM500, traktor2406, Richi*3, frisco0177, Kyosho, Funky, Ganelcer


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