grossgarnstadt3 grossgarnstadt2 grossgarnstadt1

– A large 750KW biogas plant
– The village Großgarnstat
– Large areas
– Court of LU Steiner
– 2 court
– Real roads and terrain
– Large forest areas
– Reliable STVO
– Corn
– The grain can be sold to both farms
– The dealer is located in the village
– The cows can be fed at two farms in the stables
– The road system is revamped
– The error in the LOG be fixed
– Sheep and chickens are added

Authors: Heady, Pfreek, MorphX, Fatian, DerFelix98, Desperados 93, Maurus, Johny94, Boje93, Maxter, Stefzimmermann, AGII96, Bullgore, Johny


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