– It is a small map for the Singel player
– Fields are down to one all free
– The village able well developed
– The Pig
– The Water Mod
– Straw, feed stores
– Fruit varieties are as follows: Wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, oats, Rye, millet, spelled.
– Some fields are already pre ordered
– Eifok trade
– Landi
– Country trade
– The water for your animals, you get on top of the water mill
– Milk must be driven by you
– The Landi takes your wool on the front of the building, behind the buildings are built 2 weitere trigger once for cereals and to sell your pigs
– The Eifok trade takes Hiter the main building on your fruits and can at the small building next to your your milk like the front of the main building you can get your fertilizer
– Garden center there gets your seeds, but you can also sell liquid and solid manure, as well as your no longer used Grass

Authors: Gaints, Papa, Bandit, Eifok-Team, Marhu, Ls Mod Tempel


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