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ProjectX is a Highly detailed map with teasing and playful little things.

– The cows keep the grass in the pasture always short and denoch they must be fed
– Other fields are sheared by the plush lawn mower
– The wool produced accepts the land trade
– When driving the court caution, because chickens do not stop when a tractor is
– The harvested grain can be stored on the farm between, or are sold directly by the Land League
– In the fall, the biogas plant will be filled, because it has all year famine
– The substrate can then be run as a fertilizer on the fields
– The country store is located in the west and buys all kinds of cereals
– Beets and potatoes can be stored in the barn
– The dealer offers a surcharge if the system is right there for sale
– Always watch out for the chickens

Installed: Bio gas plant, Nursery, Equipment dealer, Grain traders, 2 villages, 2 Cattle-holding companies, Wool sale on Land League, Eggs for sale in the village.

Authors: Jucheland, TheStivala, Heady, Fatian, iMarvin, Thorne, Macoholic, Desporados93, johny94, Johni 6530, Rubiks Desporados93


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