Netherlands v 1.0

– 1 BGA – 1 Pig breeds – 2 Country Trade – 1 Village – 2 Campsites Author: Gbr Guckenberger DOWNLOAD 154 MB


Auto Combine v 2.1

The AutoCombine Hud is opened with the key K. The helper starts normally using the H key. Changes in version 2.1: – Chopping corn with a trailer that works, but only when AutoCombine mode...


Rhön Map v 3.2

Rhön Map with Manure and slurry Mod This is the Rhön Map with hilly landscapes and large Hoefen. Es is a modded standard card according to my ideas. The cow and sheep pastures are...


Bednar Alfa Seeder v 1.0

– Fruit types: wheat, rape, grass, barley, corn, sugarbeet – Working width: 7 m – Direct sowing – Fertilizer Author: webalizer DOWNLOAD 5 MB


Deutz D 40 v 3.0

New in v 3.0 version: – Allrad and HR – Reliable Measurements – Roll over protection – New position lights – Three point hitch – Tires and wheels – Front suspension and steering linkage...


Swiss Alps v 1.0

On this map you can find a pasture where the cows and sheep grazing in summer. The milk must be brought on the farm and into the valley. The cows can be fed in...