Road West TR1350BT Trailer v 1.0

– Capacity 51000 l – Fruit types: barley, wheet, maize, rape, potatoes, sugarbeets – Triple axle – Body bult from extruded aluminium panel, designed for single trailer or road train operation – Full lengh...


Pronar T 780 v 1.0

– Capacity: 30000 l – Lighting v 3.1 – Dirt skin – Crops: corn chaff, hay, straw, wheat, barley, canola, sugarbeets, potatoes, corn, oats, rye, grass, manure, silage, hemp, sunflower, millet, triticale – Three...


Fortuna FTA 200

– All Plan were readjusted – Shader Tipping installed – New lighting scripts – Grid renewed by the carriages and taillights and grill – Warning signs attached – Installed new animated connecting cables –...


Annaburger HTS

Annaburger HTS Manure Spreader Trailer Authors: deutzdx85, tobsel88, CVX 1170, Deecro DOWNLOAD 2 MB


Crosetto CMR200 v 1.1 MR

– Capacity 41000 l – In-game skin change – In-game tires change – Washable – Blinkers and headlights – Fruits: wheat, grass, grass windrow, dryGrass windrow, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, chaff, fertilizer, manure,...


Roelama Patato Trailer v 2.0

This Trailer is specially made to potatoes or beets to drive, but you can also simply corn, grain and all that other stuff away Authors: Stanieuuh1__, LuxFarmLs Modding DOWNLOAD 49 MB