Netherlands v 1.0

– 1 BGA – 1 Pig breeds – 2 Country Trade – 1 Village – 2 Campsites Author: Gbr Guckenberger DOWNLOAD 154 MB


Birchwood v 1.0

This is a small map with 27 fields and some grassed areas for cutting grass, hay or silage to feed your animals. You will have plenty to do on this narrow little map but...


Auto Combine v 2.1

The AutoCombine Hud is opened with the key K. The helper starts normally using the H key. Changes in version 2.1: – Chopping corn with a trailer that works, but only when AutoCombine mode...


Rhön Map v 3.2

Rhön Map with Manure and slurry Mod This is the Rhön Map with hilly landscapes and large Hoefen. Es is a modded standard card according to my ideas. The cow and sheep pastures are...


Bednar Alfa Seeder v 1.0

– Fruit types: wheat, rape, grass, barley, corn, sugarbeet – Working width: 7 m – Direct sowing – Fertilizer Author: webalizer DOWNLOAD 5 MB


Deutz D 40 v 3.0

New in v 3.0 version: – Allrad and HR – Reliable Measurements – Roll over protection – New position lights – Three point hitch – Tires and wheels – Front suspension and steering linkage...