Grain Storage v 1.0

– Dimensions: ~ 36 x 14 meters – Animated / moveable goals – Map Door Trigger ready – Animated cereal Plan – 3 boxes (wheat, barley, canola) – Tilt grain – Cereal pick up...


Ground Textures v 1.0

Here is a small pack of improved ground textures Through these textures, the ground textures look more realistic on the field Especially you can see the cultivator and Seeding texture much better now distinguish...


Freidl Quaderbaler v 1.0

Selfdriver baler for straw and haybales all wheel drive and all wheel steering, operating hours, ES limiter, worklight back and wheel particle system Authors: usxi7sd, Ray Smith DOWNLOAD 10 MB


Brantner TA 11045 XXL v 1.3

Brantner TA 11045 XXL has a maximum load of 8.250kg. With its interchangeable bodies it can be used for transporting bales and silage / beet and potato just transport case Changelog v 1.3: –...


Small Trailer v 1.0

Small trailer which is very useful for smaller farms Accepted crops: Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rape, Chaff, Grass, Potato, Sugarbeet, Manure Author: blazek33 DOWNLOAD 3 MB


Amazone EDX 6000 2C v 1.0

– Sowing of maize and sugar beet – Fertilization (full, partial surface without) – Fertilizer levels by switching – Helper operation possible – Separate tanks for seed and fertilizer – Filling in the respective...


Belgium Deep 2013 v 2.0.1

For this map the 2.0 patch is needed – PDA fix – PDA Extension Forage Storage – Fixed error message leave the game – Deleting a track mud into the air – Correction in...