Minnesota Map v 1.0

This is a decent sized Map with fields and has 3 planted off the bat maize, wheat and potaoes. In Map includes the watermod for cows and pigs Authors: Fsfarmer11, jstewart_321 DOWNLOAD 178 MB


Meransner Berg v 1.0

– Completely restarted Map (smaller map) – Cows, sheep, chickens, pigs – BGA – Steep and flat fields – Biggest part grassland – Slurry and manure Mod – Sears is Off – Longer growth...


Milk Farm v 2.0

– Manure & Lime mod added – New Textures – New Trees – New PDA Map – New Waterplane – Fields are numbered – Icons added on PDA – You can sell Eggs and...


Polish Small Village v 2.0

– Chaff mod – Making and feeding cows – Manure mod – Eggs appear at in the house (where the chickens come) – An interesting area and the surrounding nature – 2 buying –...


Platinum Hard v 1.0

– Wither is out – Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, millet, HirseMixFutter, silage maize, maize flour, organic waste and sunflowers – Manure and manure sale is also inserted. – Three greenhouses...


Blickling Hall Farm v 2.0

This is British Map based on a area of farmland in North Norfolk England There are 12 fields in total and 1 meadow of grass ready for cutting – Added Oats – Added 3...


Missouri USA Revised

– The farm is center in the middle of the map and the default vehicles is right across the road from the main farm – The map has one town with working stop light...