Farming simulator 2013 Map mods


Bielsko Map v 2.1

Mapa posiada krowy, kury, wypychany obornik, ścielenie itd. Posiada także skup zbóż Credits: Autor: Czarny317 Edit: AgroKapi DOWNLOAD 131 MB


Location Dry

The Map is very beautiful and has high quality textures and varied landscapes. – On the map can be grown all culture, and plus tomatoes and apples – You can breed cattle on your...


Location of the Village

This map is an exact copy of the real village of the village. The Map is very high quality with high resolution 2048×2048. There BGA and fully working PDA. The Map also contains animals...


Location on the River

This Map is quite good and useful mod. It got its name “the river”, as this town is located near the river, which has a positive effect on the growth of various crops. Author:...


Location Samara-Volga v 2.0

The map is made on the platform of 2048×2048. Map expanded in two directions. As in the first version of the standard culture, plus sunflower, soybean, radish, carrot. Additional mission: transportation of sand, gravel,...


Location Samara-Volga v 1.0

Culture standard, plus sunflower, soybean, radish, carrot. Additional mission: transporting sand, cement mortar. On the map there is water to drink skotino. Milk pickup. With the card are two harvester (vegetable and grain), Kamaz,...


Nordeifel v 1.0

– Farm – Biogas – Grain Magazine – Slurry / Manure mod instaled Author: Johni989 DOWNLOAD 184 MB