Adjustable Front Weight MR

It has been designed to with a base weight of 800 kg and then with each added block adding 200 kg. With 7 added weights this goes up to a total 2200 kg. Author:...


Suer Ballast Valve Weight v 1.0

– 1250 kg – Towbar – Used effect – Rubber strip – Can be hung on any tractor – Trailer hitch on the front of the weight Authors: Modding-Crew, Willi103 DOWNLOAD 810 KB


1500 kg Weight v 1.0

Ideal weight for silage or pushing for frontloader Attacher for trailers Can be connected to the front – to be hung / rear hydraulics of your tractor Authors: The828Power, 7930Powr DOWNLOAD 5 MB


Homemade Weights v 1.0

– 900 kg and 1450 kg Weights – Real weights – AO texture – Compress silo – Are delivered on a pallet Author: speedy77 DOWNLOAD 4 MB