Lemken Gigant 1400 Cultivator

Versatile unit with a scope from the treatment of crop residue before tillage of soil Authors: Claasy, sk8mike, Outlaw, Face, Sven777, Jegge, acert DOWNLOAD 4 MB


Vogel & Noot Terra Top 800

This Cultivator is ideal for the farmer professional who appreciate high performance and excellent processing quality. Author: panzer000 DOWNLOAD 4 MB


John Deere 635

John Deere 635 Cultivator Working width 12.6 meters Authors: TJ, rist DOWNLOAD 6 MB


Rabe Toucan SL 3000

Rabe Toucan SL 3000 Cultivator Working width 3 meters Authors: Daywalker, John Deere 6930 DOWNLOAD 2 MB


Kverneland CLC Pro 3m

The design includes a compact 3 beam frame with a width of 3 m distance. Model CLC is equipped with a large number of devices, including any rollers and equipment for alignment. And this...


Landini Starland 240

Landini Starland 240 Tractor with double wheels Authors: Axel_of_Sweden, PeterJ, Henly20 DOWNLOAD 8 MB