Wladymirec T25

– Plowing mod – Hand animation – Moving the axis – Opening the hood Authors: Marcello1942, Methyl Agro, Romet DOWNLOAD 26 MB


Ropa Boar v 1.0

This Single row potato harvester is preferably pulled by tractors 100-200 hp Author: Giants Software DOWNLOAD 11 MB


Eicher Mammut 3422A

– ES Limiter – Rear work light – Realistic Stand / high beam – Swing axle – Fully animated steering linkage – Fully animated wheel shaft – Fully animated hydraulic rear – Animated accelerator...


Holmer Terra Dos T2 v 1.0

Holmer Terra Dos beet harvesters are one of the most popular beet machines in world. They are dedicated to medium and bigger farms Authors: Matinho, Burner, Lechu, Ziuta, Aranea, Silv3r, Kewin7777, Lechu, Patryk1634 DOWNLOAD...


Universal UTB 650M

– Opening doors, windows, hood – Animated pedals, gears, indicators – Hand Animation – Manual start – Boarding animation Authors: G&K Modding Team, GabeszHD DOWNLOAD 59 MB


Gregoire G20 v 2.0

Gregoire G20 Grape Combine – Speed ​​30 km/h – Hopper capacity: 3000 l – AO textures Author: Nico0179 DOWNLOAD 9 MB