Lancer Magnu

– Washable – Dust from wheels – Capacity 20000 l (kalk) Author: Rafa DOWNLOAD 5 MB


SPR 600 v 1.0

SPR 600 Fertilizer Sprayer Capacity 3000 l Authors: Viktor 14, Domi, MafiaSolec DOWNLOAD 6 MB


AO Green Seeker v 3.2 MR

The AO sensor Green Seeker fertilizes exactly according to the current requirements. This reduces fertilizer costs and still keep your known level of income. New in v 3.2 version: – New multiplayer fix now...


Terra Gator 6203 MR

Terra Gator 6203 More Realistic Spreader Capacity: 15000 l Authors: xyzspain, DUFF3RR DOWNLOAD 20 MB


Kverneland Spreader v 1.0 MR

– Working width: 36 m – Fill Capacity: 8200 l – Fertilizing the fields – Fill type: fertilizer or kalk Authors: somethingonmyshoe2, OEB modding, blobbyfarmer, Dural, Giants, PavsonRM DOWNLOAD 2 MB